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Supertag is a tag-based file system, written in Rust, that provides a unique view of your files by removing the hierarchy constraints typically imposed on files and folders. In other words, it allows you to think about your files not as objects stored in folders, but as objects that can be filtered by folders.

Below, the file path /A/B/C yields the intersection of all of the files that have been tagged with the tags A, B, and C. Notice that the resulting files do not live inside of the full path, they simply appear there because they’ve been tagged with each part of the file path. Supertag takes care of rendering a dynamic directory structure through which you can filter and navigate these files.

Supertag file intersection


You /A/B/C yields the same file intersection as /C/B/A, /B/C/A, etc. It doesn’t matter what order that the path tags are in, because we’re simply dealing with the intersection of the tags.

Cool, right? See Quickstart for the crash course.