Passing Arguments

When passing multiple arguments to a command, each argument must be a separate string:

from sh import tar
tar("cvf", "/tmp/test.tar", "/my/home/directory/")

This will not work:

from sh import tar
tar("cvf /tmp/test.tar /my/home/directory")

Keyword Arguments

sh supports short-form -a and long-form --arg arguments as keyword arguments:

# resolves to "curl -o page.html --silent"
curl("", o="page.html", silent=True)

# or if you prefer not to use keyword arguments, this does the same thing:
curl("", "-o", "page.html", "--silent")

# resolves to "adduser amoffat --system --shell=/bin/bash --no-create-home"
adduser("amoffat", system=True, shell="/bin/bash", no_create_home=True)

# or
adduser("amoffat", "--system", "--shell", "/bin/bash", "--no-create-home")