Contrib Commands

Contrib is an sh sub-module that provides friendly wrappers to useful commands. Typically, the commands being wrapped are unintuitive, and the contrib version makes them intuitive.



Allows you to enter your password from the terminal at runtime, or as a string in your script.

sudo(password=None, *args, **kwargs)

Call sudo with password, if specified, else ask the executing user for a password at runtime via getpass.getpass().

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Many git commands use a pager for output, which can cause an unexpected behavior when run through sh. To account for this, the contrib version sets _tty_out=False for all git commands.

git(*args, **kwargs)

Call git with STDOUT connected to a pipe, instead of a TTY.

from sh.contrib import git
repo_log = git.log()


For developers.

To extend contrib, simply decorate a function in sh with the @contrib decorator, and pass in the name of the command you wish to shadow to the decorator. This method must return an instance of Command:

def my_ls(original):
    ls = original.bake("-l")
    return ls

Now you can run your custom contrib command from your scripts, and you’ll be using the command returned from your decorated function:

from sh.contrib import ls

# executing: ls -l

For even more flexibility, you can design your contrib command to rewrite its options based on executed arguments. For example, say you only wish to set a command’s argument if another argument is set. You can accomplish it like this:

def my_ls(original):
    def process(args, kwargs):
        if "-a" in args:
        return args, kwargs

    ls = original.bake("-l")
    return ls, process

Returning a process function along with the command will tell sh to use that function to preprocess the arguments at execution time using the _arg_preprocess special kwarg.